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Would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet?
The answer is maybe not. Each and every rose possesses many characteristics that make it uniquely itself. For many, these subtle differences become a life-long "passion" so to speak, the very reason there are many garden clubs and public rose gardens devoted solely to the glorious rose. Roses, like people, are completely different from one to the next. When examining the many traits of a rose such as color, bloom size, bloom shape, petal shape, fragrance, foliage, etc. one begins to understand that a rose in fact is not just a rose.

Each and every rose will perform in different ways. For example, every rose blooms differently. Some will open only slightly into a "teacup" shape while others might open completely exposing the very center. Roses bloom at different speeds, ranging from very slow to very fast. Although it opens quickly the rose bloom may still hold its shape and last for days in the vase just that way.

There is a direct correlation between scent and longevity. The more fragrant a rose is, the shorter the vase life. Roses and people are a lot alike. Roses and people are 85% water. Roses and people respond the same way to stress and environment. We take every precaution to maintain the cold chain throughout the rose's journey from our field's to you in order to minimize any stress that might affect the life of the rose. We celebrate this variety of roses because each is magnificent in its own distinctive way, and these distinctions mean that there is a perfect rose for every person and every occasion.
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