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The beginning of something great often starts as a simple idea.
The beginning of something great often starts as a simple idea, a lot of luck, and a passion that is always present when you love what you do. This is how our company began. In 2001, Cheryl and Sam, the original founders of Passion Growers, conceived the idea for what would become our company. The idea was to create a small company, a hobby, to do what they loved (therefore the name Passion Growers) and do it as best as they possibly could. The idea was simple: first, provide the best roses available anywhere and NEVER waiver on the highest possible standards. Second, build a company that is based on the highest ethical standards, consequently resulting in a positive impact on its customers, associates, suppliers and community. This is how Passion Growers was born.

As the idea began to take shape, Jaime (Cheryl's husband) decided to join them in this adventure. Jaime, Cheryl and Sam had previously worked together at another very successful flower venture. As word got out that Passion Growers would be opening its doors, our previous suppliers and our previous associates began to contact us and began to join us. To both: THANK YOU. Our customer loyalty and support has been nothing short of remarkable. We want our customers to know that we will never forget how you have been with us. We will never take your loyalty, friendship and support for granted. Because of you, the farms that supply Passion Growers today are directly responsible for over 5,000 families. You have exceeded our expectations; we will always do our best to exceed yours. The Passion Growers family could not be where we are without you. Thank you.
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